Lets Werk

So you want to feel fit and confident but don’t know how to start.

Well the first thing you should do is STOP!

Now read on!
I am here to tell you that with my workouts and support you CAN and WILL feel fitter & stronger than ever.

Time to take back control, gain confidence and feel good about yourself.

In a world filled with diets, online and off-line trainers, every page on Instagram and social media filled with wellness bloggers and celebrities – it is really difficult not to get sucked into before and after images and the latest products promising miracle transformation!

Just about anyone can call themselves a fitness and wellness expert – so what makes me different!?

We offer a coaching experience where we can implement changes to long terms habits! Fitness becomes part of your daily life.

Who is Harriet?

I’m a 40 something women who is passionate about women’s health and wellbeing.

I have trained women of all ages through the decades from teenager, through pregnancy and post natal and through the decades. I truly believe exercise is for all women of all ages.

Women are amazing and capable of so much. Children, work and general life often get in the way and I will show you how to get fit and improve your wellbeing from your front room.
I own a fitness studio in Liverpool, England where I have literally helped hundreds of people, mainly women, to take control.
I believe that in taking a sensible approach to your whole wellbeing – exercise, food and lifestyle you can sparkle!
PS – I believe that a cheeky drink and meal out is allowed if not recommended!

Is this right for you?

You need to do something now – you want to be fitter & healthier

You want control of your own exercise regime
You have a sensible approach to health & wellbeing
You want to feel confident again
You want a strong body & mind

You’re ready to take time for you& join other like-minded women & get fit!

You’re over fad diets, unrealistic goals & social media guff – you want a sensible approach

What You Get


I honestly cannot thank you enough, starting my online zooms back in the first lockdown was, no exaggeration, the best thing ive ever done. Not only did I achieve so much in the first 6 weeks physically (I achieved a lot by the way it was crazy!) but my mental attitude towards fitness has changed, I literally love working out and hardly ever dread going the gym now, I look forward to it every day. That, I thought would NEVER come out my mouth haha. But I really do and I know it's not just a phase, it’s completely changed the way I think about fitness. Physical change wise, I achieved SO much, even within the first 2 weeks I couldn't believe how amazing I felt in such a short space of time. The workouts are amazing and I enjoy every single minute of them all. The difference you can achieve in such a short time is incredible. I recommend Harriets to everyone, the way she trains is unbelievable, her knowledge is insane. I'm so glad I chose Harriet❤️. Thank you so so much & a big thanks to Soph too.


I was gutted to leave Harriet's amazing gym 2 years ago when we moved 60 miles away, and haven't found anything as brilliant since. @homewithharriet was my absolute saviour during lockdown - having Harriet's classes delivered live to my living room was amazing. Harriet transformed all of her classes so they could be done virtually with minimal equipment, providing lots of variety, and although the sessions were tough (who needs s-HIIT in their life.... turns out we all do! ;), Harriet's motivation and positivity, as always, made them massively enjoyable'. I got up at 6am for 6 sessions a week for 4 weeks, and as someone who doesn't normally see 730am, despite 2 kids, that was a bloody miracle, and is only testament to how good H is. Importantly, regular sessions with H kept my mental health afloat, which was so needed during a miserable year. An absolute pleasure to train with the best again

Beth Lynch

I have always enjoyed training, during pregnancy I was advised to rest so I couldn't wait to get back. I started back with GPFit which was amazing. Being able to train with the baby was perfect. As soon as I could I started to join a few of the classes and before we knew it we graduated from GPFit. The bug was back ! Lockdown hit ! Zoom came to the rescue! I found a new routine - 7am's while the rest of the house was sleeping I got my daily fix. It worked so well for me with everyone at home it set me up for the day before I sat in front of the laptop juggling work, home schooling and a toddler ! Being signed up i was committed and enjoyed every single session. The variety was amazing and I was able to enjoy training at home on another level thanks to Harriet.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m unsure – can I speak to someone?

Absolutely ! We know your decision to join our programme will be transforming – we encourage you to speak to Harriet and the team beforehand if you have any questions at hi@harrietmcguffie.co.uk

How fit do I need to be to join?

You can be any level of fitness to join. All our classes can be adapted for levels of fitness.
If you are unsure book a call with Harriet – hi@harrietmcguffie.co.uk

Do I need to purchase any equipment?

For some of the classes you will need resistance bands, dumbells and a kettle bell – not sure whats right – get in touch with Harriet – hi@harrietmcguffie.co.uk

I’m pregnant – can I join ?

Yes – Harriet is an expert in pregnancy and post natal exercise – before you join however please get in touch to discuss your personal needs.

I have some health issues – can I join?

We ask all our online clients to do an online ParQ form – if you have any health issues that you think restrict you please book a call with Harriet and she can advise you – hi@harrietmcguffie.co.uk

I’m Vegetarian will the recipes be suitable for me?

Yes – all our recipes are either suitable for vegetarians or can be easily adapted

I eat out – a lot! – can you help me with healthy eating?

Yes – we have an eating out guide which will assist you with making good choices when eating out.

How many workouts will I get access to?

As soon as you register you will get access to 5 full workouts and videos that will show you technique and style – these are added to on a regular basis as well as access to all our previous zoom videos

Am I locked into a membership?

Your initial sign up is for 2 months – after that you are in control and cancel upgrade or downgrade at any time

What Are you waiting for?

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